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15 – 16 March 2022, Online

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IP Studios Future of Sports Broadcasting Summit

Sports events are back – no doubt, we continue to build on the traditional stadium experience, but stakeholders are also simultaneously investing in creating dramatic and immersive viewer experiences for sports fans on TV and streaming platforms. Covid-19 and the challenges of hosting a game in a stadium have prompted and inspired innovation among suppliers, vendors, producers, broadcasters and others within the sports chain to think differently and experiment with new shows, formats, technologies and ideas.

The IP Studios Future of Sports Broadcasting Summit will serve as a springboard for all stakeholders in sports media – clubs, global and regional sports producers, broadcasters, rights holders, tech visionaries and talent – to discuss, address and tackle upcoming challenges while also sharing their own innovative strategies.



The IP Studios Future of Sports Broadcasting Summit will be streamed live as a digital event spread over the course of two days, commencing on 15 – 16 March, 2022. The virtual event will bring together high-level TV sports executives to share disruptive use cases, and explore new opportunities and trends in the market.



The IP Studios Future of Sports Broadcasting Summit will aim to discuss some of the challenges the industry has faced in recent times and how some of the players moved from the field to the screen with some events. The virtual conference will give attendees an opportunity to hear from regional and international players on the different strategies they adopted to keep ahead of the game.



The last edition of the Anti-Piracy Conference saw industry professionals gather to discuss and share knowledge. The audience has grown year on year and 2019 saw an increase in content owners in attendance.

Year on year

We are growing

Our outreach to key audiences and stakeholders is consistently growing – capturing the attendance and engagement of decision-makers and influencers, and the commercial entities at the core of the sector.


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With sports continuously adapting to get back into the game, industry professionals across the sports ecosystem will share insights into the challenges they faced, innovative strategies to deal with the current status quo and new ways to play the game and keep audiences engaged on screen. Key to the discussions will be how the GCC countries are becoming a major hub for high-level sports events, new gaming tournaments geared for a TV audience, the rise of esports and the dynamics of betting as a key source of revenue in different international markets.

Technologies and Infrastructure

Trending technologies for a new normal

A closer look at those technologies that have helped broadcasters and sports producers reshape and reinvent sport specifically for a TV and mobile audience

coming soon

Live sports streaming

The key to the ultimate streaming experiences

Exploring the ultimate combination of technologies that will enable a live streaming experience that is as good as linear for sport

coming soon

Regional case studies

Cricket and football in focus

A look at regional developments in cricket and football aimed at providing a roadmap for stakeholders to identify the opportunities to monetise the games in association with brand marketers, social media platforms, influencers, broadcasters and professional clubs.

coming soon

Disruptive Business Models and Piracy

Rights and legal content distribution

Exploring the possibility of region-wide collaborations between partners to ensure a more secure delivery of sports content to legal subscribers and studying evolving anti-piracy measures in the market

coming soon

Sports Virtual Conference

Wrap Up

If you missed any of the sessions, an email will be sent the day after the event, where you can catch up on all the sessions in your own time.

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As always, the event will bring together the industry’s leading minds for insightful discussions and presentations, all of which you will be able to follow from the comfort and safety of your own home or office.



Our speakers are critical in underpinning the quality and credibility of the event and its role as a touchstone occasion for the regional market.

If you would like to partake and add to the topic of discussion, please contact
AV Consulting LLC

Peter Van Dam

AV Consulting LLC

Peter Van Dam

Danny Bates

CCO and Co-Founder

Danny Bates
Extreme Sports Channel

Peter Einstein

Extreme Sports Channel

Peter Einstein

Faraz Arshad

Director Infrastructure & Platforms

Faraz Arshad


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